Liabilities and Automation in Aviation: The case of RPAS and Collision Avoidance Systems”

ALIAS Conference – Villa La Fonte, San Domenico di Fiesole (Florence, Italy), October 5-6, 2015

The ALIAS CONSORTIUM is happy to announce the third ALIAS Conference, entitled “Liabilities and Automation in Aviation: The case of RPAS and Collision Avoidance Systems.” to be held on October 5-6, 2015 in Villa La Fonte, San Domenico di Fiesole (Florence, Italy). The Conference will be hosted by the European University Institute (EUI).

The conference will address liability and automation in air transport, focusing on air traffic management, and in particular the innovation challenge faced by the SESAR Joint Undertaking. It will bring together experts from different disciplines and domains of activity, to discuss automation in complex socio-technical systems. Panel themes include Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, and collision avoidance systems. Specific judges’ panels address automation liabilities in courts and a session for WP-E projects is organized to share their experience with respect to legal challenges.

More detailed information, including the provisional program and the registration, is available on the website of the conference:

ALIAS II (Addressing Liability Impact of Automated Systems) is an innovative project co-financed by EUROCONTROL on behalf of the SESAR Joint Undertaking with funds from the EUROPEAN UNION as part of Work Package E. You can learn more about ALIAS II by visiting our website at

Participants from academia, research centres, industry/SMEs etc. who are interested in the themes of liability and automation are welcome to join the ALIAS Legal Network, a community of experts and professionals sharing knowledge and experiences in the regulation of socio-technical systems, in particular, air traffic management.

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