Submissions & Review Process

Each paper proposed for the publication in “The Aviation & Space Journal” is subject to the following review process.

Firstly, the paper is examined by the editor, in order to ascertain its relevance with the objective and academic standards of the Journal, the absence of apparent shortcomings from a technical perspective and its compliance with the editorial criteria.

If the preliminary assessment is successful, the editor submits the paper to two or more referees, professors and scholars who are experts in the field under discussion. They are selected from members of the editorial board of “The Aviation & Space Journal”. In certain cases, an external referee may be consulted.

At this stage, in order to grant independent judgment and ensure the integrity of the publication, a double-blind review process is adopted, that is to say, the identity of the authors is concealed from the referees, and vice versa.

The outcome of the process may be one the following:

  • unconditional acceptance – the proposal is accepted for the publication;
  • conditional acceptance – the proposal is accepted provided that the author makes some amendments to the contents of the paper, as recommended by the referees;
  • refusal of the proposed paper.