International Contracts in Aerospace Industry: positive feedback

The first edition of the Executive Course on International Contracts  in Aerospace Industry was held in Turin from the 27th of June to the 2nd of July. The course topic is of great current interest given the increase in the growth in the aerospace sector and resulting contract complexity.

The Course was well attended by executives and professionals from major companies operating in this sector, who provided invaluable and lively input throughout  the presentations. These exchanges were particularly productive and stimulating because of the opportunity to compare the experiences of both the presenters and the participants.

The Course was careful structured so as to be of the maximum benefit. A good deal of weight was given to core topics, such as aerospace contract law, drafting and negotiating a contract in the aerospace sector, general terms and conditions, limitation and exclusion of liability clauses, penalties and liquidated damages clauses, termination for convenience and for default, etc.. In addition, there was detailed discussion  regarding  aspects of practical interest such as general dispute resolution, arbitration, EU defence procurement, aerospace insurance for manufacturer product liability, economic and financial  considerations   including market outlook.

The event received a large amount of very positive feedback,  which was greatly appreciated by the organizers. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Anna Masutti