11th WALA Conference


Celebrating 100 Years of Air Law: A New Century for Airport Law, Regulation and Economics”. 11th WALA Conference will be taking place in Bogota, Colombia, on October 9-11, 2019, kindly hosted by El Dorado Airport

The Paris Convention Relating to the Regulation of Aerial Navigation was signed on October 13, 1919, establishing the first international convention for the control and development of air transport. The Paris Convention formed the basis for civil aviation law to this time. On October 7, 1919, KLM became the first commercial air carrier. The world’s second oldest airline, the Colombian–German Air Transport Company (SCADTA) – now Avianca – was formed in Colombia on December 5, 1919.
At WALA XI – Bogota 2019 airport lawyers and other industry experts will meet to discuss how they can embrace this new century of airport law, regulation and economics. Air transport demand is forecast to double in the next 20 years. Airport lawyers will need to deliver legal solutions that address airport capacity, regulation, and economics at the same time as meeting the overarching challenges of climate change and the environment.

Some of the relevant issues to be covered include: State of the industry in Colombia  | The line between control over a site and exercise of dominance: competition law and access to airport sites | Navigating airline negotiations and economic regulation of airports | Airport Lawyers’ roles in meeting airport capacity demand | Airport bankruptcy leading case: Viracopos International Airport (VCP – São Paulo) | Flight Inspection of National Air Navigation System: The legal framework | Bird strike & Airport liability | Airport 4.0: Passenger & Cargo. Regulatory and juridical challenges for developing business | Slot Allocation. Wide Governance: The New ACI & IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG) | Airport Concessions in Brazil: the giant keeps making noise: The new rounds. The transition. The future role of INFRAERO

For information please visit https://www.abiaxair.com/wala2019/ or www.wala.aero or conctact mdiez@abiaxair.com or gdicion@abiaxair.com


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