The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXII n. 1

The latest issue of The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXII n. 1 is online.


The Unique Link Between an Airline and a State

by Niall Buissing

Just Culture in the Era of Digitalization: How Artificial Intelligence is Expected to Influence Just Culture in the Air Traffic Management System?

by Stathis Malakis and Marc Baumgartner

Social Clauses in Air Services Agreements: Is Labour Protection Saving Fair Competition?

by Yuran Shi



Space Diplomacy: a Multi-Purpose Lever Guaranteeing Global Sustainability, Safety and Security

by Luisa Santoro

IRIS2: The New (Material) Girl on the Block. Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnectivity and Security by Satellite (IRIS²)

by Sara Dalledonne


Miscellaneous Material of Interest

The New European Union Space Strategy for Security and Defence: Perspectives and Opportunities

by Gilda Caso

The Legal Regulation of Drones, General Report for the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL)

book review by Anna Masutti

Drones – Future of Aviation Law? Interference of Public Law in Private Law by Piotr Kasprzyk and Anna Konert

book review by Anna Masutti



13th McGill University and PEOPIL Annual Conference, International Aviation: Liability, Insurance & Finance, Paris, 21-22 April 2023

ICUAS Association, International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems 2023 (ICUAS 2023), Warsaw, 6-9 June 2023

European Space Agency (ESA), Space2Connect Conference, Matera (Italy), 7-9 June 2023

Worldwide Airport Lawyers Association (WALA), Annual Conference, Paris, 28-30 June 2023




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