The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXII, n. 3

We are happy to share with you the latest issue of The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXII, n. 3


Aviation Insurance Claims in Leasing Contracts Arising from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict: an Update from English Courts
by Carla Bonacci


The Powerful Hyperspectral Technology of the Prisma Satellite
by Luisa Santoro and Piercarlo Ghossoub

Miscellaneous Material of Interest

Report on the Seventh Shanghai International Air Law Forum Held at the Shanghai International Dispute Resolution Centre (Shanghai, China) on 4 March 2023
by Ningze Xie

Memorandum of Understanding Between the European Space Policy Institute and the Department of Legal Studies at the University of Bologna
by Anna Masutti  and Sara Dalledonne


European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) 17th Autumn Conference
Vienna (Austria), 24-25 October 2023

European Air Law Association (EALA) 35th Annual Conference
Stockholm (Sweden), 9-10 November 2023

International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Legal Symposium (WLS)
Vancouver (Canada), 21-23 February 2024



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