13 years of Aviation Activities at Lazarski Aviation Academy by Prof Anna Konert

Prof. Anna Konert, Director of Lazarski Aviation Academy and Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration, newly appointed Member of Board of Editors of the Aviation & Space Journal, has provided an overview of the Lazarski Aviation Academy and its contribution to aviation education in Poland.


13 years of Aviation Activities at Lazarski Aviation Academy

by Prof Anna Konert


Lazarski Aviation Academy is a dynamically developing research centre that offers unique studies combining the aviation industry with law and business, the only one in Poland.

The Academy offers six different study programmes in the field of aviation: undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and MBA studies. The Academy conducts scientific research and organizes national and international conferences within the Institute of Air and Space Law. In the current year, Lazarski University has organized the following conferences: “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Challenges and Experiences” (January 2022), “Legal aspects of aviation safety management during the COVID-19 pandemic” (March 2022), International Legal Seminar Towards Green Aviation “Law as a force for change” (May 2022) and “Aviation and Armed Forces in modern crisis management” (October 2022). In June 2023, Lazarski Aviation Academy will organize the International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), the world’s most important conference on drones[1].

Students of six study programmes in the field of aviation, conducted with the support of the Institute of Air and Space Law of Lazarski University, can use a brand-new simulator centre in which the following simulators are offered – A320 FNPT II/MCC, DA40/42 FNPT II, and ALSIM AL250 FNPT II. Students of the Aviation Law and Professional Pilot Licence program also have the opportunity to use the Laboratory of Air Navigation, based on the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 11.

Lazarski Aviation Academy is the only center in Poland that very closely combines legal and business studies with the aviation industry. Lazarski Aviation Academy educates narrowly specialized professionals and places great emphasis on practice and individualization of the teaching process. Lazarski Aviation Academy works with world-class experts.

Lazarski Aviation Academy is still developing and starting more and more projects, combining the world with aviation law and business.





[1] http://www.uasconferences.com/2023_icuas/.


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