The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXI n. 4

The latest issue of The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXI n. 4 is online


The Passengers’ Rights Ombudsman in Poland. A New Type of Dispute Resolution Between Air Passengers and Airlines by Piotr Kasprzyk


An Analysis of the Long-term Sustainable Development Path of Outer Space – Win-Win Cooperation by LU Yu

Powering the Innovation and Technological Creativity Flywheel with Nano-Satellites by Luisa Santoro

Rising Opportunities in the Satellite Connectivity Market: Eutelsat and OneWeb Combination by Sara Dalledonne


The Proposal for the New Italian National Airport Plan: Opportunities and Objectives by Ottavia Carla Bonacci and Francesca Melega

Introduction to Air Law, Eleventh Edition, by Pablo Mendes de Leon, book review by Anna Masutti

The Law of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Second Edition by Benjamyn I. Scott, book review by Agata di Guardo

La Just Culture Aeronautica nel Sistema Penale Italiano. Una Difficile Integrazione by Marco Di Giugno and Michele Pilia, book review by Anna Masutti


15th European Space Conference, Securing the Future of Europe in Space, Brussels, 24-25 January 2023
European Air Law Association (EALA), 13th Liability Seminar, Berlin, 3 February 2023
13th McGill University and PEOPIL Annual Conference, International Aviation: Liability, Insurance & Finance, Paris, 21-22 April 2023
ICUAS Association, International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Warsaw, 6-9 June 2023
Worldwide Airport Lawyers Association (WALA) Annual Conference, Paris, 28-30 June 2023



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